Amy Goldberg, PI
Amy is an Assistant Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology and Biology at Duke University. Before joining Duke in January 2019, she was a Miller Fellow at Berkeley working with Rasmus Nielsen. She completed her PhD with Noah Rosenberg at Stanford in 2017, and did her Bachelor's in Mathematics and Evolutionary Anthropology at the University of Michigan (2012).
Twitter @AmyAGoldberg

ne Korunes, postdoctoral fellow
Katharine started her postdoc in the lab June 2019. She is completed her PhD in Genetics & Genomics with Mohamed Noor at Duke. Katharine is working on complex demography and selection in admixed populations.

Rachel Keener, rotation student
Rachel is a rotation student through UPGG. She is completed her BS in Genetics from the University of Georgia in 2019. Rachel is working on mathematical models of Plasmodium simiam.

The Goldberg lab is currently recruiting students and postdocs, more information here.

Former lab members
Katya Bobrek, undergraduate researcher, summer 2018.
Stuart Castaneda, visiting Masters student, summer 2019.
Anjani Pradhananga, visiting Masters student, summer 2019.