The Goldberg lab is recruiting postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduates. We are a computational lab with occasional wet lab or field collaborators. Members of the lab will be participate in the large Duke community of evolutionary anthropology and genetics labs, and have the opportunities to work with collaborators in Brazil, Sweden, Croatia, and throughout the US.

Work in the Goldberg lab analyses modern and ancient genetic data from multiple species in the context of demographic, archaeological, paleontological, and environmental records. We also have a strong interest in theory and methods development.

Students and postdocs may work on a range of projects in theoretical and empirical population genetics, computational archaeology, and human-environment interactions. Much of our work is in humans and other primates, but study system is flexible. Individuals with a background in genome assembly or primate disease ecology are particularly encouraged to apply.

The Goldberg lab combines theory and computational data analysis; interest in biological applications of programming, statistics, and/or mathematics is required. Postdoc candidates should contact Amy Goldberg with a CV and brief statement of research interests. Candidates should be specific about their interests in our work.

We accept PhD students through the department of Evolutionary Anthropology, Computational Biology & Bioinformatics graduate program, and the University Program in Genetics & Genomics. All programs support PhD students with a competitive stipend.

Undergraduate students interested in joining the lab should fill out this google form.

We strive to be an inclusive environment for all.